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John Jeston is an internationally recognised thought leader, author, speaker, facilitator and specialist in assisting organisations to create a pathway between their business strategy and its successful delivery of the desired business benefits.


John specializes in adding signifcant value to organisations by the implementation of Business Process Management; where BPM is a management philosopy or discipline focused on using business processes as a significant contributor to achieving an organisation's strategic objectives through the improvement, on-going management and governance of the organisation's essential business processes. BPM is about transforming organisations into agile high performance entities, that are a fun place to work.


He has worked with organisations all over the world in providing uniquely innovative solutions tailored to the culture and business needs of the organisation.


Particular specialist offerings include: facilitation of senior executive planning sessions, teaching, training, coaching, and specialist consulting advice. 


For example, John has:

  • worked with the London School of Business in delivering a year long Masters program to senior executives of Russia's biggest bank
  • delivered keynote speeches at public and internal organisational conferences throughout the world
  • delivered training courses to some the worlds largest organisations
  • faciliated CEO and senior executive workshops, providing an understanding of why having a process focus matters
  • advised, coached and delivered process-focused programs in large private organisations and large government departments

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