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The books - Keys to Management Success


Knowledge is power. Whether you are a CEO , company  executive or student of business, these titles by John  Jeston are essential reading and are trusted guides on your Business Process Management journey. Each book is a theoretical and practical manual that will unlock your ability to understand, implement and sustain successful magagement practices within your individual context.

Business Process Management
Practical Guidelines to Successful Implementations

This book shouldn’t be unusual, but it is. It should have been written a long time ago, but it wasn’t. All books on business process management should be similar to it, but they aren’t… What’s exceptional about the book is its extraordinary common sense. It suggests prosaic ideas such as that multiple different levels of process change are necessary under different circumstances, and that technology alone isn’t sufficient to bring about process change. These ideas are obvious, but they are not often encountered in the world of business process management.


Thomas H. Davenport, Professor and Director of Research, Babson Executive Education, Babson College




Management By Process
A Roadmap to Sustainable Business Process Management

Business Processes are one of the critical drivers for any organisation in realizing their organizational strategic objectives. This means that management must constantly review and realign organizational processes to reflect the massively unfixed nature of business demands.

Establishing and maintaining a process-focused organization is critical as organizations are pressured to keep achieving further growth and profitability. This highly accessible book provides a clear and thorough exposition of the six key dimensions necessary for the creation of a process-focused organization: * process governance * strategic alignment * methods (execution/implementation) * people * culture * technology.

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