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Stepping up to the Challenge
Management by Process specialises in creating thought leadership and innovative practical approaches and advice for successful process-led business transformation activities.

The internationally recognised 7FE process-led transformation approach, created by John Jeston, is often the way this is structured, depending on the desired business outcomes.


7FE is:

  • Considered by many to be world’s best practice

  • Well documented and taught in universities throughout the world

  • Used by 100’s of global organizations as the approach to execute process-led transformation programs

  • Is continually updated for contemporary thinking and research

  • Available in training courses


 John Jeston is an internationally recognised thought leader in process-led strategy and implementation and provides services throughout the world.

  • Training

  • Speaking

  • Coaching

  • Advice

  • Thought Leadership



“Business environmental change is accelerating, especially with the rapid and continual introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) (or the Internet of Everything (IoE) ...

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