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John primarily delivers specific speaking, consulting services and a 3 day training program described in this site.
He also has short programs covering topics, such as:     

  • Why you need process stewards and how they add value

  • How to establish and manage successful BPM programs and projects

  • Process awareness sessions for senior executives and staff that include many and various stories (case studies) of BPM successes and failures.

Workshops and training are also tailored to clients' specific outcomes.

Training & Facilitation


John Jeston and Management by Process Pty Ltd delivers, designs and facilitates training, senior executive retreats and workshops tailored to the needs of your enterprise.


John will work with stakeholders and key personnel to devise a workshop or a series of training sessions that meets your desired specific outcomes. Training could be based on existing courses or devised for you.


They could address outcomes such as:

  • new process-led business operating models 

  • process optimization and

  • innovation establishing BPM programs 

  • process governance 

  • removing barriers and constraints 

  • resolution of bottlenecks


  • success evaluation criteria.


Training Course Outlines

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A Structured Approach to BPM Project Success - using the 7FE Framework  (3 days)



How to Ensure BPM Sustainability and Achieve High Performance Management  (2 days)


Why you need Process Stewards and how they Add Value ( 1 day)


How to manage successful BPM projets and programs  (1 day)


Beyond Business Process Improvement, On To Business Transformation.  (1 day)


Process Awareness Workshop Overview (2-4hrs)





John has been speaking at conferences since 1999. He has spoken at many dozens of conferences, executive information sessions and through the London Speakers Bureau. Countries have covered most of northern and southern America, south-east Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and southern Africa.


Topics have included all areas of BPM, business transformation, the digital workplace, digital transformation, outsourcing, and specific topic areas requested by clients.


Speaking engagements have covered brief one to two-hour sessions through to workshops and education sessions over one or more days.

John Jeston
Support Services and Advice


John provides accessible support, guidance and mentoring through the crucial stages of innovation design and change implementation. John’s interaction with businesses recognises a tiered and systematic approach underpinned by strong directional leadership.


BPM support is provided in several ways:


Leadership and program teams:
  • Strategic advice - for senior executives and program teams in process-led business transformation activities, such as: creating the right business operating model; how to set programs up for success; ensuring success factors have been identified and ensuring the critical success factors are in place.



  • Executive coaching – to support senior executives and program leaders to ensure the ‘right’ projects are undertaken, started well and continually monitored throughout the transformation activities.


Project Support 
  • Team support– for active projects by working in detail with transformation teams. John delivers both face-to-face and distance consulting to ensure team success in the delivery of business outcomes. This includes reviewing in-flight projects and providing rescue strategies when required.



John has worked with...
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