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Free Tools and Templates

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General Resources 

Assignment Executive Presentation Template.ppt

Capacity Planning Model Template.xls

Checklist for Process Modeling and Management Tool Selection.doc

Desktop work instructions template.docx

Framework Summary Overview.doc

Knowledge & Information Needs Map-Template.xls

Outline for Process Modeling Convention - sample.doc

Process Gap Analysis.doc

Process Worth Matrix-template.doc


Organization Design

Change Management Accountabilities Matrix v1.0-CLIENT SPECIFIC.docx

Process Capability and Skills Matrix template.xls


Benefits Realization

Benefits Profile Template.doc

Benefits Realisation Summary Plan.xls

Benefits Realization Benefit Map Template.xls

Benefits Tracking Matrix template.xls


Process Workshop Management

Agreement Workshop slides template.ppt

Business Process Opportunity Log template.xls

Confirmation Workshop slides template.ppt

Guidelines for Innovate phase.doc

Initial Workshop slides template.ppt

Innovate Sample Questions.doc

Innovate workshop slides-template.pptx

Process Documentation template.xls

Process Mapping Symbology and example.vsd.pdf

Scribe Notes template.docx

Understand phase initial workshop slides template.ppt

Understand Workshop Evaluation Form.doc

Understand Workshop Scribe Notes Template.doc

Workshop Activities Documentation and Outcomes - sample.xls

Workshop Invitation templates.doc

Workshop slides-template.ppt.pptx


BPM Project Management

After Action Review Template.doc

Business Case template.doc

Cross-project team meeting agenda.docx

Decisions Register template.xlsx

Issues & Opportunities Register.xls

Meeting Tracking Sheet template.xlsx

Plan on a Page template.docx

Project Charter template.doc

Project estimation spreadsheet.xls

Project Report.doc

Project team structure and roles-sample.doc

Risk Register.doc

Stakeholder Consultation Meetings  template.xls

Status Report template.pptx


People Change Management

Drivers for Cultural Change (7 Forces).doc

Individual Stakeholder Analysis.doc

Service Level Agreement (SLA) template.xlsx

Stakeholder Analysis Matrix.doc

Stakeholder Enthusiasm and Interest Analysis.ppt

Stakeholder Identification and Recording template.doc

Stakeholder Project Impact and View Analysis.ppt

Organization Design
Benefits Realization
Process Workshop Management
BPM Project Management
People Change Management
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